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6th IEE International Conference on 3G and Beyond (05/11182)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 7-9 Nov. 2005
  • ISBN: 0 86341 572 5
  • Conference number: CP512
  • The following topics were dealt with: MIMO; OFDM systems; multihop networks; multimedia; advanced signal processing; IP-based systems; MC-CDMA; QoS issues; detection, equalisation and acquisition; location and resource management; frequency hopping multiple access systems; WLAN; mobility management; DS-CDMA ad hoc networks; 4G mobile networks; 3G wireless networks; WiMax; WCDMA; homodyne receiver; advanced networks; media streaming; HSDPA; smart antennas; and cellular coverage, costs and charging.

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  • MIMO-OFDM: basic relations between coding, spreading, multicarrier and single-carrier transmission
  • IPv6-based architecture for fast and cost-effective micro-mobility management
  • TCP performance over UMTS dedicated channels with finite RLC buffer size
  • Inter-operator cooperation challenges in SIP-based service architecture of IP multimedia subsystem of UMTS
  • VoIP applications over WLAN with multistage interference cancellation smart antennas
  • Slow frequency hopping assisted MC DS-CDMA using large area synchronism spreading sequences
  • Exploiting multiuser diversity for MIMO cellular systems using packet scheduling and the VBLAST receiver
  • Turbo-coded OFCDM systems for 4G mobile communications
  • A proposal of multicarrier CDMA system for combating channel blocking in frequency-selective Rayleigh fading MIMO channel
  • Combining space frequency coding with a pre-filtering technique for TDD downlink MC-CDMA systems in a beyond 3G context
  • Performance of the smart antenna aided generalized multicarrier DS-CDMA downlink using both time-domain spreading and steered space-time spreading
  • A link adaptation scheme to support relative DiffServ QoS over CDMA radio systems
  • Performance aspects of enhanced radio resource management with QoS differentiation in UMTS network
  • Connection setup delay for packet switched services
  • A prioritized uplink call admission control algorithm for 3G WCDMA cellular systems with multi-services
  • Effective PN code acquisition in Global Positioning Systems for new generation wireless networks and services
  • A novel frequency domain turbo-equalizer for STBICM over MIMO ISI channel
  • Evaluation of the capacity of multiple-access MIMO schemes with feedback in a small outdoor cell
  • High-rate irregular-LDPC coded OFDM BLAST systems
  • OS estimation and IC equalization in BICM-ID with mapping optimization
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