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IEE International Conference on Visual Information Engineering (VIE 2005)

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 4-6 April 2005
  • ISBN: 0 86341 507 5
  • Conference number: CP509
  • The following topics are discussed: visual information engineering; human, graphics and vision; image analysis and classification; applications and hardware; image texture; image compression; illumination, edges and surfaces; and security and surveillance

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  • Human visual processing: beyond 3 sensors
  • Image denoising using balanced multiwavelets and scale mixtures of Gaussians
  • On the detection of individuals and vehicles on an airport's apron
  • Semi-automatic extraction and vectorisation of multicoloured cartographic objects
  • Interactive segmentation of image sequences with near-static backgrounds
  • Assessment of the tyre footprint shape
  • Assessing image characteristics for user feedback in biometric fingerprint identity verification tasks
  • A region-based approach to conceptual image classification
  • Analysis of cost functions and structured light patterns for modern dynamic programming stereo algorithms
  • Weighted distance mapping (WDM)
  • Image primitives: automating image interpretation procedures in topographic map production
  • Visual perception of content-prioritised sign language video quality
  • Data-hiding capacity estimates for unbalanced and balanced multiwavelets
  • RTSyncNet - a flexible Real-Time Synchronisation Network for cluster based vision- and graphics-architectures
  • Texture segmentation using local Walsh coefficients
  • A fast skin region detector for colour images
  • Texture preserving speckle reduction in SAR imagery using granulometric shrinkage
  • Component based feature space partition and combination in multiple colour spaces for texture classification
  • Texture classification of grey scale corrosion images
  • An evolutionary algorithm for model-based pose estimation and tracking
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