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Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2004

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  • Location: Belfast, Ireland
  • Conference date: 30 June-2 July 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 440 0
  • Conference number: CP506
  • The following topics are dealt with: embedded FPGAs for SoC platforms; space-time singular value decomposition; networked computer control; digital signal processing; optical storage; watermarking; speech enhancement; speech processing; epileptic electroencephalogram; schizophrenia research; linear predictive speech coding; network analysis; analogue and mixed signal circuits; bandpass sigma-delta modulator; CMOS circuits; control systems and modelling; IEEE 802.11b wireless networks; communication signal processing; adaptive filters; adaptive echo cancellation; time hopping ultra wideband systems; audio processing; audio coding; WLAN; WiFi and GPRS; face recognition; direct sequence code division multiple access; WCDMA channel emulator; wireless fair queuing; advanced control systems; prostate cancer diagnosis; computer-aided seizure detection; virtual engineering; brain activity monitoring; wave energy converter; enuresis treatment device; milk pasteurisation plant; Bluetooth security; optical coherence tomography; ad-hoc network test-bed; image and multidimensional signal processing; medical images; face detection; encryption; digital circuits; mobile communications; image processing circuits; circuit modelling; signal estimation tools

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  • Improved speech analysis for glottal excited linear predictive speech coding
  • Describing function approximation for biomedical engineering applications
  • Chopping of phase frequency detector to remove static phase offset in PLLs and MDLLs
  • Design of an efficient interface between an FPGA and external memory
  • Arbitrary order charge approximation event driven phase lock loop model
  • Approximate rotations architecture design for SVD/QRD
  • An architecture for network analysis and emulation
  • Analysis of data sets using trio sonification
  • A novel tag sorting architecture for SoC implementation of a WFQ scheduler
  • Improving robustness of non-linear side-informed watermarking using turbo codes
  • Fast bit reversal scrambling on the TigerSHARC
  • An investigation into the shared buffer architecture for SoC implementation
  • A low voltage 5 GHz fourth-order LC bandpass sigma-delta modulator
  • Precision CMOS oscillator design
  • CMOS transimpedance amplifier for use with multiple APD geometries
  • A high sensitivity CMOS photoreceiver incorporating a high multiplication gain avalanche photodiode
  • Advanced control of an industrial grinding process
  • Perceptual based analysis of the Concord algorithms for intra-talkspurt playout delay adaptation
  • Stochastic search in data-based modelling of dynamic systems
  • Co-simulation framework for a networked control system within an IEEE 802.11b wireless network
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