Fifth IEE International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies (3G 2004) The Premier Technical Conference for 3G and Beyond

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 18-20 Oct. 2004
  • ISBN: 0 86341 388 9
  • Conference number: CP503
  • The following topics are dealt with: MIMO systems; UMTS; WLAN; signal processing; application environments and protocols; space-time processing; 3G evolution systems; locationing and positioning; system planning and performance; wireless video; security and M-commerce; spectrum management and performance engineering; multimedia messaging, broadcast and multicast; coverage and capacity planning; IP-based mobile networks; mobile multimedia services; mobility management and handover; and QoS techniques.

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  • Distribution of relays in a cellular system using multihops
  • A novel approach to consider spatial user information for scheduling in 3G mobile communication systems
  • Network composition: a step towards pervasive computing
  • Uplink MIMO channel estimation for beyond 3G systems
  • User discrimination using space-time receiver for DS/CDMA system
  • WCDMA evolved - high-speed data access
  • Common and dedicated rate control with variable QoS support for reverse-link high-speed packet data service in 1xEV-DV
  • Systematic water-filling for turbo coded CDMA packet data transmission over MIMO channels
  • Synchronous H-ARQ with energy reduction (ER-HARQ) retransmissions
  • Low complexity basis selection algorithm for per-common basis rate control
  • Chip-level Kalman filter equalization for the UMTS-FDD WCDMA downlink with multiple base stations
  • Joint pilot and data loading technique for MIMO systems operating with covariance feedback
  • Introduction to WCDMA enhanced uplink
  • Dynamic pilot power allocation in CDMA systems
  • Ambient internetworking: an architecture for extending 3rd generation mobile networks
  • IT & 3GPP evolution convergence; opportunities for reduced costs
  • Calculating uplink Eb/No from uplink SIR measurements
  • Improving the code acquisition performance in the radio access of spread spectrum communications by exploiting cell correlation
  • Experience of Linux and GTK+2 Smartphone
  • Performance evaluation of smart antenna concepts and shared channel transmission in 3G mobile communication systems
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