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18th European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF 2004)

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  • Location: Guildford, UK
  • Conference date: 5-7 April 2004
  • ISBN: 0-86341-384-6
  • Conference number: CP499
  • The following topics are dealt with: bulk acoustic waves; resonators; filters; sensors; time scale; time transfer; SAW; frequency standards; frequency measurements; oscillators; frequency synthesizers; circuit techniques; clocks; microwave signal generation; and GNSS.

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  • Theoretical and experimental investigation on beam resonators of gallium orthophosphate GaPO4
  • A quartz-crystal-sensor oscillator appropriate for highly viscous liquid measurements
  • Drive level dependence in quartz crystal resonators at low drive levels: a review
  • How long does a clock error remain inside two threshold barriers? An evaluation by means of stochastic processes
  • Long term stability of medium price commercial GPS receivers
  • The development of a Kalman filter clock algorithm
  • Calibration of the IEN-PTB TWSTFT link with a portable reference station
  • A re-revisited three cornered hat method for estimating clock instabilities
  • Progress in temperature stabilization of GPS antennas
  • GPS smoothed P3 code for time transfer
  • WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and SNAS for telecom sync applications
  • NIST and OP GPS receiver calibrations spanning twenty years: 1983 - 2003
  • Oscillator stability tests on board armored vehicles
  • Time effective methods of calculation of dynamic parameters of synchronization signal
  • Highly-accurate real-time syntonization by use of a single-frequency receiver with GPS carrier phase
  • The recent activities on two-way satellite time transfer at TL
  • Practical performance of the UTC(CH.R) real time realization of UTC(CH) and prospects for improvement
  • The time scale synchronization algorithms and its implementation in meteor-burst channel case
  • GPS common-view with geodetic receivers
  • Timescales for the GPS and Galileo
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