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Ninth International Conference on HF Radio Systems and Techniques

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  • Location: Bath, UK
  • Conference date: 23-26 June 2003
  • ISBN: 0 85296 755 1
  • Conference number: CP493
  • The following topics are dealt with: system design; signal processing; antennas; transmitters and receivers; broadcasting; HF radio propagation; noise and interference; radar; future requirements

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  • HF telecommunications, what happened between Poldhu and Telstar
  • A comparison of adaptive equalization methods for multiuser detection in OFDM-SS systems
  • On the robustness of joint source/channel coding for transmission through an ionospheric channel
  • Evaluation of turbo equalization for the high-rate HF waveforms of STANAG 4539
  • Observations of Doppler spread, time-of-flight and direction of arrival of HF radio signals on a path affected by the mid-latitude trough
  • Coverage analysis for modern HF communication networks
  • On-air test and evaluation of STANAG 4538
  • A simple polarisation fading model for HF propagation in the ionosphere
  • Trellis-ARQ error control for efficient Internet access over long haul rural radio links
  • Combined turbo equalization and decoding for frequency-selective fading channels
  • Comparison between the measurement and prediction of HF radio signals propagating along the mid-latitude trough
  • Digital switch-over: possible propagation based solutions to the lack of spectrum
  • HF propagation in tropical region; Nigerian airspace, a case study
  • Measurements of the delay, Doppler and directional characteristics of obliquely propagating HF signals over several northerly paths and a comparison with vertical ionosonde and HF radar observations
  • Variations in direction of arrival of HF signals propagating over a high latitude path under quiet and disturbed geomagnetic conditions
  • Amateur radio at 30 MHz and below
  • Current HF interoperability implementations and applications
  • Enhancing channel utilization and performance of STANAG 5066
  • High data rate VHF/UHF file transfer by a software defined multi-band radio
  • IP over HF as a bearer service for NATO formal messages
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