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Twelfth International Conference on Antennas and Propagation (ICAP 2003)

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  • Location: Exeter, UK
  • Conference date: 31 March-3 April 2003
  • ISBN: 0 85296 752 7
  • Conference number: CP491
  • The following topics are dealt with: phased arrays; antennas for personal communications; terrestrial fixed link propagation; WLAN propagation; reflector and lens antennas; antenna measurements; mobile satellite systems; ionospheric propagation; conformal antennas; smart antennas; quadrifilar helix antennas; indoor propagation modelling; active arrays; radar cross-sections; mobile radio propagation; BFWA-EMBRACE Project results; numerical techniques for antennas; array antennas; fade mitigation techniques; vehicular antennas; radomes; scintillation effects; broadband fixed wireless access networks; computational techniques for large antennas; microstrip antennas; wideband and multiband antennas; wideband indoor propagation; millimetre wave antennas; transient and time domain analysis; COST Programmes; indoor-outdoor propagation; propagation through vegetation; satellite fixed link propagation

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  • Challenges for broadband mobile technology
  • Equalization: a technique to improve the accuracy of antenna radiation pattern measurements
  • Advances in the objective measure of comparison between antenna pattern functions
  • Wide angle antenna pattern measurements using a poly-planar near field technique
  • A composite antenna radiating circularly polarized conical and axial beams
  • Channel modelling based on N-state Markov chains for satcom systems simulation
  • Repeater requirements for Pan-European satellite digital broadcast services
  • Wideband HF simulator for multipath ionospherically reflected propagation channels
  • A graphical method to design radiating elements for phased-array antennas
  • The simulation of off-great circle HF propagation effects
  • Accurate ionospheric error correction for differential GPS
  • Nowcasting and forecasting the foF2, MUF(3000)F2 and TEC based on empirical models and real-time data
  • Conformal multiband antennas based on fractal concepts
  • Doubly curved conformal flush mounted antenna for vehicular sensor applications
  • Using multi-objective genetic algorithms to optimise the subarray partitions of conformal array antennas
  • The need for both engineering and full-wave models in the synthesis of miniature antennas
  • Radiation analysis of conformal phased array antennas on distorted structures
  • Downsizing smart antennas for cellular systems adopting SDMA used in sector cells
  • A semi-smart antenna concept using real-time synthesis for use in a distributed load balancing scheme for cellular networks
  • Techniques to design sub-arrays for radar antennas
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