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2002 International Radar Conference

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 15-17 Oct. 2002
  • ISBN: 0 85296 750 0
  • Conference number: CP490
  • The following topics are dealt with: bistatic and netted radar; propagation and HF; radar systems and subsystems; target characteristics; STAP/GMTI; signal processing; ground penetrating radar (GPR) mine detection; CFAR and radar detection; MTI/MTD; tracking; SAR/ISAR; target classification/recognition; clutter; performance prediction modelling and measurements

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  • Bistatic radar using satellite-borne illuminators
  • Phased array radars - past, present and future
  • Real time detection and compensation of registration errors in a network of radars
  • COTS electronics & the naval shock environment
  • Oblique incidence reflectivity characteristics of planar phase-switched screens
  • Cylindrical phase-switched screens
  • Performance of a phase switched screen against a pulsed radar signal
  • Surface modelling using 2D FFENN
  • Simulation modelling and research of TBM trajectory detection
  • Space based radar moving target detection challenges
  • Effect of ambiguities on GMTI radar
  • Effect of Doppler ambiguities on GMTI tracking
  • Improved classification of SAR images by segmentation and fusion with optical images
  • A robust Doppler classification technique based on hidden Markov models
  • A peak detector that picks more than peaks
  • Bistatic radar denial by spatial waveform diversity
  • Diverse radar pulse-train with favourable autocorrelation and ambiguity functions
  • A planar antenna for omnidirectional GMTI radar
  • A comparison of partially adaptive STAP techniques for airborne element digitised phased array radar
  • Accounting for array effects in joint-domain localized STAP processing
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