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Third International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 8-10 May 2002
  • ISBN: 0 85296 749 7
  • Conference number: CP489
  • The following topics are dealt with: trials and implementation aspects; IP based networks; handover and roaming; coverage and capacity planning; power control and interference; modulation and coding; performance modelling; QoS techniques; receiver techniques; system planning; security; location and positioning; services and applications; WLAN, Bluetooth and TDD; smart antennas and MIMO; 3G evolution and beyond; software radio; resource management and optimisation

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  • Europe's first 3G network: a case study in design and implementation
  • 3G shared infrastructure
  • IP header and signalling compression for 3G systems
  • Session establishment over satellite-UMTS
  • An iterative multiuser detection receiver for 3GPP with antenna arrays: performance in terms of BER, cell size and capacity
  • Resource allocation algorithms and power control for cellular systems
  • An efficient algorithm for distributed power control in cellular radio systems
  • Predictive power control for S-UMTS based on least-mean-square algorithm
  • Performance of space-time coding for 3GPP HSDPA service under flat and frequency selective fading conditions
  • On signalling issues for the high speed downlink packet access in UMTS
  • Zero correlation zone sequences for multi-carrier DS-CDMA systems
  • Implementation of an improved reconfigurable SOVA/log-MAP turbo decoder in 3GPP
  • Orthogonality of UMTS codes in indoor channels
  • Adaptive modulation switching level control in high speed downlink packet access transmission
  • Modified non-coherent sequential acquisition scheme of DS/SS signals
  • Implementation of COST259 channel models using tapped delay line for multiple antenna receivers
  • Network planning considerations for network sharing in UMTS
  • Link-level simulation of W-CDMA satellite-UMTS random access channel
  • Spatio-temporal investigation of UTRA FDD channels
  • Blind adaptive single user detection with adjustable step size for DS/CDMA communication over a Rayleigh fading mobile channel
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