Proceedings of International Conference on Power Electronics Machines and Drives

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  • Location: Bath, UK
  • Conference date: 16-18 April 2002
  • ISBN: 0 85296 747 0
  • Conference number: CP487
  • The following topics are dealt with: power electronics; marine transport applications; power quality; sensorless control; converter control; direct torque control; linear machines; linear actuators; PM machines; machine condition monitoring; hybrid electric vehicles; multilevel converters; matrix converters; aerospace applications; industrial applications; axial flux machines; transverse flux machines; motor control; motor vector control; induction machines; electric generators; PM generators; reluctance motors; device applications; and device components

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  • Optimised torque control of marine transverse-flux propulsion machines
  • Constant inverter switching frequency direct torque control
  • Feedback linearization sliding-mode torque control of an induction machine
  • Remedial operating strategies for standard 3-phase induction motor drives
  • Power conditioning for solid oxide fuel cells
  • On-line diagnosis of stator shorted turns in mains and inverter fed low voltage induction motors
  • Implementation of online air-gap torque monitor for detection of squirrel cage rotor faults using TMS320C31
  • Squirrel cage rotor faults detection in induction motor utilizing stator power spectrum approach
  • Development of condition monitoring techniques for a transverse flux motor
  • Remote diagnostics of generator excitation systems
  • 170 kW induction motor for an electric truck and bus drive
  • An integrated engine-generator set with power electronic interface for hybrid electric vehicle applications
  • FE analysis and design of electrical devices for automotive applications
  • Experimental evaluation of an electromechanical suspension actuator for rail vehicle applications
  • Power transfer in hybrid electric vehicles with multiple energy storage units
  • Optimisation of switched reluctance motors for hybrid electric vehicles
  • GA-RBF neural network based maximum power point tracking for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • Matrix converter with natural commutation
  • Extended ride-through capability for matrix converter drives with continuous motor synchronization
  • Multilevel asymmetric power converters for switched reluctance machines
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