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Twenty-Third International Telecommunications Energy Conference. INTELEC 2001

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 14-18 Oct. 2001
  • ISBN: 0 85296 744 6
  • Conference number: CP484
  • The following topics are dealt with: VRLA design; rectifiers design; power system design; power system control; power conversion; cooling requirements; battery charging effects; exotic battery elements; alternative power sources; GSM13G power options; operations and maintenance; mechanical and hybrid generation; EMC requirements; battery selection and standards; energy control; energy storage; lightning protection; power systems monitoring; inverter design; data centres power stability; rectifier control; reliability; battery failure modes; three phase power conversion; AC to DC conversion; battery monitoring; battery component design; power factor control; AC generation; and secondary battery developments

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  • Development of long life and large capacity VRLA batteries for telecommunication infrastructure
  • Cooling of telecommunications in tropical & desert environments
  • Designing an alternative to conventional room cooling
  • The operation of VRLA monoblocs with an on/off float charge regime
  • Development of reliable and long life VRLA batteries
  • Recharge of valve-regulated batteries at elevated temperatures
  • Using float charging current measurements to prevent thermal runaway on VRLA batteries
  • DSP controlled Buck/Boost power factor correction for telephony rectifiers
  • Designing a zero voltage transition boost converter for power factor corrected modular telecom rectifiers
  • Experimental analysis of a 5 kW wide input voltage range three-phase buck+boost power factor corrector
  • A history of the use of internal combustion engine driven generating sets in the UK telecommunications network 1900-2000
  • Active filter for a microturbine
  • VSIG-variable speed integrated generating set for telecommunication application
  • Design of a 600 W telecom grade rectifier module with electrolytics reduced to one piece, planar technology and integrated heatsink concept
  • A novel technique for modelling the state of charge of lithium ion batteries using artificial neural networks
  • Ni-Cd field experience confirms low maintenance and their operating characteristics in telecom applications
  • High power lithium ion batteries for a changing telecommunications world
  • Low voltage DC-to-DC converter with wide input to output voltage ratio
  • An isolated DC-DC converter with Δ220 V balanced outputs for telecom systems
  • Two-dimensional finite element simulation and stress analysis of a full bridge DC-DC power converter
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