8th International Conference on Power Electronics and Variable Speed Drives

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 18-19 Sept. 2000
  • ISBN: 0 85296 729 2
  • Conference number: CP475
  • The following topics were dealt with: power electronics; variable speed drives; active power filters; AC-AC power convertors; HF power convertors; renewable energy; induction motor drives; electric machines; power semiconductor devices; field oriented control; sensorless control; power factor correction; brushless motor drives; reluctance motor drives; DC-DC power convertors; power quality; industrial power convertors; and power convertor simulation

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  • The future of electric drives: where are we headed?
  • Test and characterisation of modern fast recovery diodes for high speed switching applications
  • Operation of system double fed machine-turbine in power network
  • A fuzzy logic controlled power electronic system for variable speed wind energy conversion systems
  • Design and construction of a modular electronic photo-voltaic simulator
  • Real-time maximum power point tracking for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • Current control of active power filters assisted by adaptive algorithm
  • Maximum power point tracking with capacitor identificator for photovoltaic power system
  • 110 W low cost, efficient PV-grid interface for rural electrification
  • A method of iron loss and magnetising flux saturation modelling in stationary frame reference of single and two-phase induction machines
  • Improved direct and inverse gamma models for vector controlled induction machines
  • PSpice model for asymmetrical two-phase induction motors
  • Application of Rosenbrock algorithm to motor parameters identification using transient stator current measurements
  • An adaptive rotor flux observer with time varying gain for direct field oriented induction motor drives
  • An observer-based DTC of induction motors driven by 3-level inverter for improving low speed operation
  • Optimum-seeking field weakening control of induction motor drives
  • Predictive control of active power filters
  • Current fed induction machine
  • Low cost technique for sensorless vector control of induction motors robust in the presence of variations of resistive parameters
  • Performance comparison of the controller configurations for the sensorless IM drive using the modified speed adaptive observer
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