8th International Conference on High-Frequency Radio Systems and Techniques

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  • Location: Guildford, UK
  • Conference date: 10-13 July 2000
  • ISBN: 0 85296 727 6
  • Conference number: CP474
  • The following topics were dealt with: HF radio links and networks; future systems; waveforms and modems; antennas and couplers; radar and direction finding; HF radio propagation measurements and prediction; transmitters and receivers; HF NVIS propagation; channel modelling and simulation; noise and interference; solar eclipse effects

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  • Concept of a versatile HF transmission system and its embedding into simulation environments
  • Wideband channel characteristics and short spread-spectrum HF links
  • Shortwave software modem, 14400 BPS in 3 kHz
  • 16 kbps modems for the HF NVIS channel
  • The evolution of a 64 kbps HF data modem
  • The implications and applicability of a QAM high data rate modem
  • Loop antennas in the 3-30 MHz band
  • Performance characteristics of high data rate HF waveforms
  • Scattering functions for wideband HF channels
  • Characterisation of scattering functions by the new concept of complex multi-fractal
  • Requirements for future models and simulators of the HF transmission channel
  • Experimental study of the spatial dynamics of environmental noise for a surface-wave OTHR application
  • The directionality of atmospheric noise and its impact upon an HF receiving system
  • Aspects of HF spectral occupancy
  • Undirectional tuned loop antennas using combined loop and dipole modes
  • Prediction and measurement of HF radiated emissions from communication networks that use unscreened cables
  • The EM environment and xDSL
  • The threat to new radio systems from distributed wired-communication installations
  • VLF-LF propagation measurements during the 11 August 1999 solar eclipse
  • Ionospheric phenomenons created by the solar eclipse of 11 August 1999 from Canada to Indies
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