First International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 27-29 March 2000
  • ISBN: 0 85296 726 8
  • Conference number: CP471
  • The following topics were dealt with: third generation network trials and testing; migration to 3G mobile radio networks; power control; system performance and modelling; time division duplex; receiver techniques; IP techniques; cell and network planning; error correction and coding; smart antennas; 3G capacity analysis; handover; interference cancellation and multi-user detection; positioning and propagation; reconfigurable architectures; software radio; mobility and resource management; receiver synchronisation; satellite UMTS; mobile multimedia traffic; QoS

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  • Experiences with the WCDMA network in Stockholm, Sweden. A venture between Telia and Ericsson
  • The effects of inter-system interference in UMTS at 1920 MHz
  • Performance evaluation of a parallel fractional adaptive single-user receiver in a dynamic environment
  • Integration of experimentally measured propagation data into system simulations
  • An active feedback for wideband amplifier linearization
  • Practical W-CDMA receiver and transmitter system design and simulation
  • Advanced statistics for WCDMA communication system characterization
  • Cellular IP report
  • Providing seamless services for VoIP mobile data networks using CAMEL/IN concepts
  • Resource allocation schemes to provide QoS for VoIP over GPRS
  • Experiences of Ericsson's WCDMA evaluation system in the UK
  • Novel and enhanced mobile Internet protocol for third generation cellular environments compared to MIP and MIP-LR
  • Common packet channel (CPCH): the optimum wireless Internet mechanism in W-CDMA
  • Supporting the successful deployment of third generation public cellular technologies - system dimensioning and network planning
  • Radio network planning for UTRA TDD systems
  • Cell Finder-2000 with a new optimal measurement technology for CDMA cell planing of PCS and IMT-2000 systems
  • The effects of delay spread for cellular network planning using the combination algorithm for total optimisation
  • Burst error correction capabilities of turbo codes in mobile environments
  • CCMA codes concatenated with block RLL/ECC for multimedia applications over UMTS
  • Modified MAP algorithm for extended turbo BCH codes and turbo equalisers
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