9th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives

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  • Location: Canterbury, UK
  • Conference date: 1-3 Sept. 1999
  • ISBN: 0 85296 720 9
  • Conference number: CP468
  • The following topics were dealt with: induction motors; electric drives; PM motors; DC motors; synchronous generators; drives simulation; induction motor drives; force, vibration and noise; brushless machines; energy efficiency; loss measurement; machine insulation; fault monitoring; condition monitoring; actuators; machine design; machine control; and reluctance machines

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  • A time domain equivalent circuit for the inverter-fed induction motor
  • 3-dimensional evaluation of the end parameters of large solid salient pole synchronous machines
  • A new approach to synchronous generator internal fault simulation using combined winding function theory and direct phase quantities
  • The practical use of a computerised partial discharge measuring system for online condition monitoring of high voltage stator windings
  • Permanent magnet brushless dc motors for consumer products
  • Advanced modelling techniques for the design of an innovative asynchronous motor
  • Integrated design of magnet powder aligning system and brushless motor using anisotropic Halbach cylinders
  • Design optimisation of a miniature multi-pole permanent magnet generator
  • Direct drive high energy permanent magnet brushless dc motor with an integrated driver for a novel 30000 rpm atomiser
  • Random modulation and acoustic noise reduction in IM drives: a case study
  • Influencing factors on acoustical simulations including manufacturing tolerances and numerical strategies
  • A drive system for acoustical analysis
  • The effect of the distribution of the magnetisation in brushless DC machines on cogging torques
  • Design of a slotless PM-motor for a screw compressor drive
  • Comparison of electrical drive technologies for aircraft flight control surface actuation
  • Modelling a PM machine with shielding cylinder
  • Influence of mounting and coupling on the natural frequencies and acoustic noise radiated by a PWM controlled induction machine
  • Magnetostrictive excitation of vibration in machines - a modal approach
  • Tangential forces matter
  • Experience of finite element CAD for force prediction in magnetic actuators with small air-gaps
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