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11th International Symposium on High-Voltage Engineering (ISH 99)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 23-27 Aug. 1999
  • ISBN: 0 85296 719 5
  • Conference number: CP467
  • The conference proceedings are published in five volumes. Volume one deals with measurements and test techniques; EMC sources, tests, protection; Volume two deals with fields: calculation and measurement; lightning, protection against strikes, earthing; Volume three deals with gaseous, vacuum and liquid dielectrics; Volume four deals with insulators and materials; and Volume five deals with dielectric diagnostics, expert systems; industrial applications

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  • Quality of high-voltage research and testing
  • Continuous monitoring of circuit-breakers using vibration analysis
  • Relative risks of end arm discharges on stator bars
  • Experimental studies of influence of load capacitance on the output voltage of the impulse voltage generatore
  • Testing method and statistical analysis applied in lightning impulse critical flashover
  • Performance tests on impulse measuring systems at ultra high voltage research laboratory
  • Development of HV DC standard in the JEMIC
  • Compensation of step response “creeping” of a damped capacitor divider for switching impulses
  • Development of national standard class reference divider for impulse voltage measurements
  • Measurement of harmonics with optical sensor systems and investigation of harmonic sources in industrial distribution systems
  • Design of a novel oil tester calibrator based on capacitive dividing mechanisms
  • Application of P and MP algorithms to high voltage digital measurements
  • Measurement of very fast transient overvoltages (VFTO) in a GIS module
  • Long-term charging test for 500 kV GIS
  • A new, high voltage, arbitrary waveform generator for lightning protection research and other applications
  • Capacitive sensor for the measurement of VFTO in GIS
  • A new current measurements system using an azimuth angle modulation method
  • A new wirewound resistive divider for steep front impulse tests: design criteria and calibration procedure
  • Frequency characteristics method development
  • Analysis of errors in the measurement of chopped impulses
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