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7th International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications

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  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Conference date: 13-15 July 1999
  • ISBN: 0 85296 717 9
  • Conference number: CP465
  • The following topics were dealt with: stereo and 3D images; labelling and classification; architecture; image coding; image analysis; image interpretation; image communication and retrieval; image texture and colour images; image processing applications; medical applications; image segmentation; visual biometrics; inspection and transport; motion and tracking; handwriting recognition; document processing; security and remote sensing

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  • Being part of the fun - immersive broadcasting for the new millennium
  • A hardware FPGA implementation of a 2D median filter using a novel rank adjustment technique
  • A systolic architecture for image segmentation by adaptive progressive thresholding
  • A high level software environment for FPGA based image processing
  • Analysis Prediction Template Toolkit (APTT) for real-time image processing
  • A flexible heterogeneous video processing architecture for powerful HQ television applications. Finding the optimal balance between HW and SW
  • Vision sensor for the industrial quality control
  • A novel approach to nearest neighbour search in high-dimensional spaces for 3D object recognition
  • Imaging of twin gas flows within internal combustion engines using phosphorescent particle tracking
  • Segmentation of moving objects at frame rate: a dedicated hardware solution
  • Optimising edge detector accuracy for individual image acquisition systems
  • HVS based motion estimation on the TMS320C80 multimedia video processor
  • Robust motion picture residue coding for noisy channels
  • Scalable description of shape and motion for object-based coding
  • A new zero-tree image compression algorithm
  • A time-frequency image coding technique
  • Compression of color images without visible blocking artifacts using a modified DCT computation scheme
  • Globally optimal filters for multiresolution image decomposition
  • Channel coding for image transmission over HF-channels
  • 3D segment matching using the Hausdorff distance
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