International Conference on People in Control (Human Interfaces in Control Rooms, Cockpits and Command Centres)

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  • Location: Bath, UK
  • Conference date: 21-23 June 1999
  • ISBN: 0 85296 715 2
  • Conference number: CP463
  • The following topics were dealt with: human performance analysis; transport systems; teamworking; power stations; safety; process plants; display design; alarms; interfaces; human error; ergonomics; aircraft; ships; and electricity distribution

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  • Surveying the scene: the monitoring practices of staff in control rooms
  • Control room for high-efficiency power plant
  • (Still) striving for utopia
  • Safety and human error in automated air traffic control
  • Situational awareness through the interface: evaluating safety m safety-critical control systems
  • Re-design of a multi-operator control room based on workload analysis
  • A proposed integrated platform management system design for the RN future surface combatant
  • The design of modern control centres for the 21st century - human factors and technologies
  • Control room re-instrumentation: “on-line”
  • Central control rooms and petrochemical plants: costs and benefits
  • Transforming the control room environment: flexible systems and people
  • Operability needn't cost more
  • Human factors and safety integrity - IEC 61508
  • The design of a human factors questionnaire for cockpit assessment
  • The case for control and operability (COOP) studies
  • The error-minimised display of information about high-integrity systems
  • Enhancing the safety of future systems
  • The evolution of process graphics
  • Ergonomics in the design of process plant control rooms
  • Evaluation of interfaces for S&C of large technical systems
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