Ninth International Conference on Metering and Tariffs for Energy Supply

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 25-28 May 1999
  • Conference number: CP462
  • The following topics were dealt with: metering; tariffs; energy supply; legal metrology; metering in competitive supply; standardisation; equipment manufacture; equipment testing; data collection; data processing; revenue securing; revenue enhancement; and prepayment systems

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  • New control-system power source for meter test equipment
  • LV power line carrier network system for AMR
  • Metering for small scale energy retailing
  • A system for remote meter reading and load management
  • The role of metering in full retail competition national electricity market, Australia
  • Energy management for multi-utilities
  • Ethos. Results of the implementation of an EHS system in UK homes
  • Added value services through the use of AMR in commercial and industrial accounts
  • Early diagnosis of tariff metering faults by a systematic analysis of main/check metering discrepancies
  • Revenue improvement from intelligent metering systems
  • The role of metering in revenue protection
  • Revenue protection in a competitive supply environment
  • How to discover circuit errors in meter installations
  • Meeting the needs of customers tomorrow - fairer payment methods for all
  • Increase flexibility and security in prepayment, through the use of a separate consumer interface
  • Prepayment advances with smart-card solutions that cover electricity, gas and water
  • Controlling demand and minimising losses
  • Implementing a pre-payment system
  • Keypad prepayment metering trial in Northern Ireland
  • Metering and the contestable electricity market in Australia
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