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IEE National Conference on Antennas and Propagation

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  • Location: York, UK
  • Conference date: 31 March-1 April 1999
  • ISBN: 0 85296 713 6
  • Conference number: CP461
  • The following topics were dealt with: urban propagation modelling for mobile radio; millimetre wave antennas; Earth space propagation; adaptive antennas for mobile communications; HF propagation; numerical techniques; wideband antennas; active antennas; propagation effects on fixed links; array antennas; multipath and diversity; ionospheric propagation; printed antennas

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  • Printed fractal antennas
  • Characteristics of a mid-latitude NVIS HF radio channel
  • Short-term ionospheric forecasting over Europe
  • A staggered waveform HF frequency modulated radar simulation
  • Bricks: a theorist's point of view
  • A very fast ray-based field strength prediction tool for urban microcels operating in the UHF-band
  • Modelling of handset antenna interactions with the user and SAR reduction techniques
  • Model for wave propagation in presence of vegetation based on the UTD associating transmitted and lateral waves
  • Analysis of wideband fading on UHF mobile radio channels
  • Outdoor-indoor wideband study for third generation communication systems
  • FSS array generation by optical means
  • A millimetre wave reflector antenna for telematic applications
  • Investigation of loaded microstrip patch antennas for wide-band mm-wave applications
  • Comparison of reflection mechanisms from smooth and rough surfaces at 62 GHz
  • Diurnal variations of 20 GHz and 40 GHz slant path attenuation statistics in southern England
  • MIDAS: a monthly link budget and signal coverage tool for frequencies between 10 and 50 GHz
  • Frequency scaling factor of amplitude scintillation variance for satellite communication systems
  • TLM investigation of dielectric-loaded bifilar personal telephone antennas
  • Improved modelling of propagation and backscattering of millimetre waves in the melting layer
  • Simulation of a high frequency satellite link with a fade countermeasure
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