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UKACC International Conference on Control (CONTROL '98)

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  • Location: Swansea, UK
  • Conference date: 1-4 Sept. 1998
  • ISBN: 0 85296 708 X
  • Conference number: CP455
  • The following topics were dealt with: fuzzy control; signal processing; symbolic algebra; energy utilities; power systems control; robotics; machine control; neural networks; decentralised control; fault diagnosis; fault tolerant control; process control; robust control; nonlinear systems; human systems engineering; predictive control; adaptive control; discrete event systems; aerospace control; distributed parameter systems; large scale systems; identification; simulation and modelling; self tuning systems; gas turbines; multivariable control systems; intelligent control; two dimensional systems; optimisation; building management systems; and mechatronics

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  • Industrial control: set-points for 2010
  • Continuous learning automata and adaptive digital filter design
  • On the connections among the electric torque, residue, functional sensitivity, participation and Partial Multi-Modal Decomposition
  • Wavelet analysis of arcing fault phenomena with particular reference to development of new protection and control techniques
  • Disturbances Auto-Rejection Control of TCSC in power systems
  • Input/output selection for robust control
  • Robust piecewise-linear control for polytopic systems with input constraints
  • Robust synthesis by fictitious Bayesian identification approach
  • Magnitude and phase envelopes of systems with affine linear uncertainty
  • Generalized (A, B)-invariant subspaces and robust disturbance-rejection for infinite-dimensional systems
  • Anti-reset windup designs using LQG/H and frequency domain methods
  • Design is a document [control systems CAD]
  • Bond graphs, symbolic algebra and the modelling of complex systems
  • A frequency domain toolbox using interval arithmetic
  • Using standard forms for controller design
  • A servomechanism controller design tool
  • Control system design using real-time design patterns
  • Secondary measurement selection and scaling sensitivity
  • Verification of control logic based on Process Control Event Diagram
  • Optimal design and control of double-effect distillation systems
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