APSCOM-97. International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management

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  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Conference date: 11-14 Nov. 1997
  • Conference number: CP450
  • The following topics were dealt with; power system control; power system management; power system operation; FACTS devices; intelligent computing; power system protection; voltage security; load forecasting; modelling techniques; security applications; power distribution; alternative generation and control; power system analysis; transient stability; substation equipment; genetic algorithms; AC drives; dynamic stability; power flow; open access; Chinese power developments; harmonics; monitoring; simulation; security assessment; computational techniques; generation costing; generation control; power control; operation experience; machines and traction; electrical installations; Hong Kong power systems; power equipment; control algorithms; and building power systems

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  • Powering towards the millennium
  • Transient stability investigations on a Brazilian network by SIME
  • The artificial neural networks based relay algorithm for distribution system high impedance fault detection
  • Microprocessor-based fuzzy logic controller for improving voltage stability
  • Nonlinear optimal-variable-aim excitation control strategy for voltage stability improvement
  • STATCOM power frequency model with VSC charging dynamics and its application in the power system stability analysis
  • Mathematical modelling of loads and voltage support devices for power system voltage stability
  • Short-term load forecasting using fuzzy neural network
  • A new environment for improving accuracy of load forecasting using load and weather data
  • Integer modelling of spinning reserve requirements in short term scheduling of hydro systems: an application to power trading
  • The development of power system and power system technology in China
  • Short-term load forecasting using recurrent neutral networks
  • Application of neural networks for power generator and excitation system modeling
  • Modeling for a large scale hydropower station simulator based on the object-oriented facility
  • Voltage stability proximity indicator in frequency domain based on the modified Jacobian matrix model
  • Longer-term voltage stability calculation by simulated annealing algorithm
  • On-line stability constraint assessment for large complex power systems
  • Contingency screening and risk quantification related to voltage collapse in extended real time
  • Recent trends in power research: the worldwide and Asia scene
  • Protective relay experimental kit
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