Radar Systems (RADAR 97)

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 14-16 Oct. 1997
  • ISBN: 0 85296 698 9
  • Conference number: CP449
  • The following topics were dealt with: radar applications; propagation; HF radar; radar systems; radar clutter; SAR/ISAR; space-time adaptive processing; ESM; meteorological radar; antennas and subsystems; ECM/ECCM; MTI/MTD; target characteristics; multifunction radar resource management; CFAR detection; tracking; target classification; radar data fusion; emerging technologies; performance prediction modelling; signal and data processing; remote sensing; polarimetry

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  • Topics in FMCW radar disturbance suppression
  • The AIRSAR/TOPSAR integrated multi-frequency polarimetric and interferometric SAR processor
  • System analysis of ultra-wideband VHF SAR
  • High resolution SAR/ISAR imaging from a helicopter platform
  • The DLR static multisensor short range radar for surveillance of ground traffic on airports
  • Single and multiple pass height finding interferometry from an airborne platform
  • Simulation model and performance analysis of a three-antenna InSAR system
  • SAR clutter analysis and its resolution dependence
  • Estimating parameters for a statistical model describing weak scattering
  • Texture modelisation by multifractal processes for SAR image segmentation
  • Utilization of radar backscattering coefficient from sea surface in rainfall rate retrieval algorithms
  • Multi pulse sweep system - a new generation radar system
  • Radar sensing of heartbeat and respiration at a distance with applications of the technology
  • Monopulse secondary surveillance radar evaluator
  • Automotive radar for adaptive cruise control and collision warning/avoidance
  • Bird hazard detection with airport surveillance radar
  • Radar littoral environment predictions and measurements
  • High frequency observations and characterizations of coherent backscatters from midlatitude E-region
  • Resolution limitations on the SAR systems determinable on random nature of the field near radio horizon
  • OTH radar array calibration using disparate sources
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