Eighth International Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives

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  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Conference date: 1-3 Sept. 1997
  • ISBN: 0 85296 696 2
  • Conference number: CP444
  • The following topics were dealt with: machine losses and cooling; optimal machine design; induction motors; switched reluctance motors and drives; machine noise and vibration; actuators; condition monitoring; permanent magnets; generators; electric vehicles; machine insulation; and machine applications

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  • Surface insulative coatings for electric motors
  • Optimization of a short-stroke permanent magnet linear reluctance motor by finite element field modelling
  • Variable speed latching magnetic actuator for a vacuum switch
  • Condition monitoring methods, failure identification and analysis for high voltage motors in petrochemical industry
  • Heat transfer in a high voltage, through-ventilated 4-pole induction motor
  • Electrical machine failures, causes and cures
  • The use of phase current analysis to detect faults in squirrel cage induction motors onboard military warships
  • Development of a continuous on-line partial discharge monitoring system for medium voltage motors
  • Variable speed brushless DC motor drive for household refrigerator compressor
  • Operation of a fault tolerant PM drive for an aerospace fuel pump application
  • Eddy-current losses in the permanent magnets of a PM machine
  • Influence of end-ring shape on induction motor performance
  • 3D finite element model of a disc induction machine
  • Finite element analysis and on-line current monitoring to diagnose airgap eccentricity in 3-phase induction motors
  • Large generator vibration monitoring
  • Brushless DC motor design: an optimisation procedure based on genetic algorithms
  • Modelling the vibration behaviour of stator end windings
  • Parasitic losses in modular permanent-magnet generators
  • Calculation of rotor eddy-current loss in high-speed PM alternators
  • Thermal modelling of permanent-split-capacitor single-phase induction motors based on accurate loss density measurement
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