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6th International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications

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  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Conference date: 14-17 July 1997
  • ISBN: 0 85296 692 X
  • Conference number: CP443
  • The following topics were dealt with: image coding; labelling and classification; architectures; motion estimation; stereo images; 3D images; image analysis; image interpretation; image communication; shape description and recognition; image processing applications; image texture; image segmentation; neural networks; colour; inspection and document processing; filtering and morphology; medical applications; transport, security and remote sensing

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  • Image coding and the coding standards
  • A MS-Windows software tool for multimedia e-mail in local area networks
  • Face recognition using virtual parametric eigenspace signatures
  • Compact multi-level representation of human faces for identification
  • Searching large image databases using radial-basis function neural networks
  • Image processing of medical radiographs for single image display
  • A probability distribution for shape description
  • Interpreting images of architecture, drawings for building cost estimation
  • A comparative study of decision combination strategies for a novel multiple-expert classifier
  • A growing classifier applied to partially labeled Landsat images
  • Robust line segment extraction using genetic algorithms
  • A class hierarchy approach for the segmentation of natural scenes
  • Development and application of a twin CCD camera system for in-cylinder fuel spray analysis
  • A closely integrated reconfigurable image capture system and its applications
  • Principles and design graphs for obtaining uniform illumination in automated visual inspection
  • VLSI design methodologies for application specific binary sensors
  • Progressive polygon encoding of shape contours
  • Fast implementation of discrete wavelet transform based on pipeline processor farming
  • A real-time parallel image-processing model
  • Double tree wavelet image compression on parallel MIMD computers
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