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7th International Conference on High Frequency Radio Systems and Techniques

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  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Conference date: 7-10 July 1997
  • ISBN: 0 85296 688 1
  • Conference number: CP441
  • The following topics were dealt with: noise and interference; radio propagation and sounding; signal design and signal processing; system design, control and management; components and equipment design; radar; EW systems and direction finding; modelling and simulation; antennas and couplers

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  • HF communications in the information age
  • Channel characterisation for polarisation diversity
  • Polarization diversity for HF data transmission
  • Coding and sounding: extremely low power sounder
  • Auto-regressive estimation of spectral width of chirp sounder signals
  • Analysis of the performance of asynchronous sequence segment keying communication systems
  • DSP implementation of a multitone FSK modem for HF radio data systems
  • Binary image compression and coding techniques for HF radio transmission
  • Application of a high quality ionosonde to ionospheric research
  • A Markov model for HF spectral occupancy in central Australia
  • Availability correlation distances for HF communications in a global network
  • The relative performance of numeric and analytic ray tracing
  • Robust low bit rate HF data modems
  • Multi-dimensional HF modem performance characterisation
  • Estimation of the availability of data modems on oblique high latitude HF paths
  • Research to support the Australian Defence Force modernised high frequency communication system
  • Modernising Australia's military high frequency communication system
  • Advanced strategies for traffic and frequency management in large HF networks
  • An improved HF squelch technique
  • Component value ranges of tunable impedance matching networks in RF communications systems
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