Seventh International Conference on Dielectric Materials, Measurements and Applications

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  • Location: Bath, UK
  • Conference date: 23-26 Sept. 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 670 9
  • Conference number: CP430
  • The following topics were dealt with: measurement techniques; dielectric materials and analysis; gases and gaseous phenomena; liquid insulation; gaseous insulation; water treeing; plant engineering applications; static plant characteristics; electrical machines

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  • Reproducibility, traceability and uncertainty of dielectric measurements using automated vector network analysis
  • Conductivity and percolation in polymeric particulate composites of epoxy resin and conductive fillers
  • Dielectric selection for a robotic electrostatic gripping device
  • Electrical conduction in polyimide thin films prepared by vapor deposition polymerization
  • Observation of charge behavior in organic photoconductor using the pulsed electroacoustic method and pressure wave propagation method
  • Avalanche and streamer formation in N2 and dry air
  • An investigation into the factors affecting space charge in XLPE
  • Density dependence on negative corona onset voltage in helium
  • The behaviour and interaction of monopolar current plumes from points on discharge electrodes in air
  • The effect of surface charge on the performance of cast resin insulation for gas insulated substations
  • Pulse sequence analysis - what does it tell us about multiple discharge sites?
  • Dielectric behaviour of some arylazo benzothiazine derivatives in relation to its microbial activity
  • A diffusion limited mechanism to explain current pulse rate in a pre-breakdown current burst in silicone fluids
  • The liquid-solid interface: the effect of negative liquid discharge
  • Using partial discharge techniques to characterise transformer oil
  • Dielectric relaxation behaviour in supercooled short-chain primary amines
  • Relationships between the nature of traps and dielectric properties of polymers obtained from mirror measurements
  • Non-exponential dynamics in the microemulsions near the percolation threshold from time domain dielectric spectroscopy
  • The fractal nature of electrode polarization
  • The use of TDDS for investigation of structural and dynamic behavior of protein molecules in aqueous solution
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