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6th International Conference on Power Electronics and Variable Speed Drives

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  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Conference date: 23-25 Sept. 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 665 2
  • Conference number: CP429
  • The following topics were dealt with: power factor correction; supply harmonic control; induction motor drives; parameter identification; power semiconductor devices; DC motor drives; AC/DC power factor correction; soft switching power supplies; matrix conversion; special drives; resonant techniques; drive measurement; sensorless drives; speed estimators; speed observers; synchronous motor drives; convertor control; AC/DC convertors; small drives; fuzzy neural control; simulation; CAD; EMC modelling; power electronics; and variable speed drives

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  • A DC to AC converter with thyristor inverter and active compensation
  • Matrix converter application for direct-drive gas turbine generator sets
  • An efficient space vector modulation algorithm for AC-AC matrix converters: analysis and implementation
  • Investigation of a low-cost power factor correction circuit for use with voltage source induction motor drives
  • Adaptive control of a current-fed active filter
  • A control method for active power filters under unbalanced non-sinusoidal conditions
  • A novel circuit topology of three-phase active power filtering-based converter operating at discontinuous current mode control scheme
  • Comparison of conducted RFI emission from different unity power factor AC/DC converters
  • Novel single phase current source buck PFC with delta modulation control strategy
  • A proposed predictive average current controller for four-wire boost rectifiers
  • An active filter for retrofit applications
  • Reduction of EMI emission from power converters using soft-switching technique
  • A power supply system with distortion eliminating properties
  • A study of the operation of a class E amplifier at 13.56 MHz
  • Saturable reactor and lossless capacitor-assisted zero voltage transition asymmetrical PWM DC-DC converter with high-frequency transformer link
  • The role of converters and their control in the recovery of wave and wind energy
  • Harmonic control in distorted voltage supply systems
  • Very high bandwidth digital current controller for high-performance motor drives
  • Improved position control of a linear reluctance servo drive
  • Variable structure control of a disc motor with lateral rotor movement
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