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International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)

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  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 12-16 Sept. 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 663 6
  • Conference number: CP428
  • The following topics were dealt with: convergence of broadcast and information services; disk servers and storage; digital satellite and MMDS; online and off-line editing; digital video broadcasting; virtual reality; frequency planning and evaluation of DVB systems; interactive services; digital terrestrial implementation; consumer interfacing; measurement and quality assessment of digital video; widescreen television; video compression; production systems; HDTV; news operations in integrated digital environment

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  • Convergence in the industry
  • Open digital media solutions using Windows NT
  • MPEG-2 and SDI form backbone of new global video standard
  • The DVB Project: philosophy and core system
  • Mass storage: the options
  • DVB channel coding standards for broadcasting compressed video services
  • DVB-T: the COFDM-based system for terrestrial television
  • Multimedia services and data broadcasting via satellite
  • DVB conditional access
  • 100 years of Indian entertainment technology from Lumiere brothers to virtual reality
  • Virtual studios in television production
  • Virtual set: the state of the art
  • MIRAGE: an ACTS project in virtual production and stereoscopy
  • Studio on demand by distributed video production over ATM
  • An introduction strategy for digital terrestrial television based on single frequency networks: the Spanish approach
  • The future of media servers in broadcasting
  • The plan for digital terrestrial television in the UK
  • Digital terrestrial television broadcasting with OFDM - a study on the performance of single frequency networks
  • Evaluation of COFDM for ATV transmission over 6 MHz channels
  • Digital field pick-up unit using COFDM scheme
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