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UKACC International Conference on Control. Control '96

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  • Location: Exeter, UK
  • Conference date: 2-5 Sept. 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 666 0
  • Conference number: CP427
  • The following topics were dealt with: fuzzy systems and fuzzy control; neurocontrol; manufacturing and process control; robotics; optimal control; neural networks; modelling and simulation; system identification; parameter estimation; robust control; fault diagnosis and condition monitoring; computerised control; optimisation; switching systems; genetic algorithms; control design methods; nonlinear systems; aerospace control; adaptive control; timed discrete event systems; hybrid control systems; and evolutionary algorithms in control

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  • Multivariable self-tuning temperature control of a thermo-analyzer
  • Application of an expert system for robust controller design
  • Robust disturbance rejection for left invertible systems with measurable and nonmeasurable disturbances
  • A simplified non-linear model of NOx emissions in a power station boiler
  • Adaptive active noise and vibration control
  • Robust control of a high temperature multiburner heating plant
  • Hierarchical control scheme for chain-grate stoker coal combustion
  • Water resources sharing planning and management problems
  • Evaluation of ℋ loop shaping controller design on a process control problem
  • Cumulant/bispectrum model structure identification applied to a pH neutralization process
  • Chemical dosing philosophies for a water treatment plant: results of some pilot plant experimentation
  • Control of pH in-line using a neural predictive strategy
  • Enhanced self-tuning control with application to a combined heat and power system
  • A parallel predictive controller
  • Adaptive implicit control using extremum control methods
  • Some practical recommendations in anti-windup design
  • Empirical studies of output feedback MRAC algorithm with minimal controller synthesis
  • A robust limited memory recursive filter
  • Optimal quadratic filtering of quantization noise in non-Gaussian systems
  • Noise control in three-dimensional propagation
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