Fifth International Conference on Satellite Systems for Mobile Communications and Navigation

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 13-15 May 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 658 X
  • Conference number: CP424
  • The following topics were dealt with: satellite navigation; transmission techniques; mobile terminals; propagation channel characterisation; orbit and frequency management; personal communications; spacecraft technology

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  • Design features of D-GNSS reference stations
  • Analysis and comparison of satellite constellation configurations for global single permanent visibility
  • Visibility of non-GSO satellites from a terrestrial station and applications to inter-system interference
  • The impact on speech quality of combining terrestrial and satellite mobile systems
  • Teletraffic studies for future personal satellite communication systems
  • 4PSK-BCM-code diversity versus 4PSK-ring -TCM over the mobile satellite channel
  • Quality of service in mobile-satellite communication systems
  • Positioning assisted inter-segment handover for integrated GSM-satellite mobile system
  • Channel borrowing techniques with reservation pool for LEO satellite land mobile communication systems
  • Active user management for the combined satellite and terrestrial cellular components of the UMTS
  • Paging signalling in non-GEO satellite mobile systems
  • ATM virtual path routing for LEO/MEO satellite networks with intersatellite links
  • The extent of integration between satellite and terrestrial networks in future mobile communications
  • Satellite UMTS network architecture
  • A traffic model for the seamless integration of satellite and terrestrial mobile networks
  • Doppler compensation and code acquisition techniques for LEO satellite mobile radio communications
  • Ambiguity removal technique for user position determination method in non-geostationary satellite system
  • Payload digital processor hardware demonstration for future mobile and personal communications systems
  • A new figure of merit for modelling and optimizing advanced mobile satellite systems
  • Inmarsat aeronautical public correspondence services: satellite facsimile and voice-band data for air travellers
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