3rd International Conference on Computation in Electromagnetics (CEM 96)

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  • Location: Bath, UK
  • Conference date: 10-12 April 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 657 1
  • Conference number: CP420
  • The following topics were dealt with: novel computing techniques; boundary conditions; biomedical applications; electromagnetic compatibility; software integration; finite element methods; boundary element methods; microwaves and optical circuits; sensors; electrical machines; TLM method; force calculation; FDTD; coupled problems; integral equations; microwave antennas and devices; optimisation; high frequency techniques

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  • Techniques for solving electromagnetic scattering problems from large bodies
  • The Antenna Design Framework
  • CEM for antennas in a concurrent engineering environment
  • Finite element analysis of transient phenomena in electromagnetic forming system
  • The modelling of Jaumann layers on general scatterers in two dimensions
  • An electroquasistatic finite element model of electric fields and currents generated by coronating electrodes in an electrostatic precipitator
  • Analysis of accelerator wake fields using boundary integral equation
  • Electromagnetic field modelling using parallel and distributed processing techniques
  • An efficient computer modelling of crack responses in nonuniform field ACFM non-destructive testing
  • Regularization of near singularity in FE-BE coupling analysis of three-dimensional static magnetic fields
  • A hybrid FEM-BEM approach for the characterization of uniform transmission lines and waveguides
  • Loss in normal and superconducting millimetre-wave and submillimetre wave microstrip transmission line
  • Microwave mixer analysis using 3-D FDTD
  • Simulation of microwave devices containing discrete circuit elements by using the finite integration technique
  • Analysis of the electromagnetic field distribution in a microwave circuit using the TLM method and comparison with normal mode expansion method and experiments
  • Machine independent algorithm for concurrent finite-element problems
  • Enhanced accuracy of 2D finite element field quantities by a local post-process
  • Electromagnetic visualisation using commercial software
  • Prediction of phased array blindness using isolated element characteristics
  • Simulation study of 10 GHz radar backscattering from clouds, and solution of the inverse problem of atmospheric turbulence measurements
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