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International Conference on Opportunities and Advances in International Power Generation

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  • Location: Durham, UK
  • Conference date: 18-20 March 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 655 5
  • Conference number: CP419
  • The following topics were dealt with: power generation commercial aspects; private power generation; primary energy; wind turbines; combined cycle gas turbines; power generation control; synchronous generators; and hydroelectric power generation

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  • Trends and future demand for electric power generation
  • Evaluation of short recovery period investments on utility planning
  • Power generation using high efficiency aeroderivative gas turbines
  • A constant frequency constant voltage variable speed stand alone wound rotor induction generator
  • Adaptive fuzzy control of combined cycle plant start up
  • Opportunities for advanced sensors for condition monitoring of gas turbines
  • Integrated generator protection, monitoring and control
  • The implementation of the control and protection systems for a nuclear power station
  • Tracing the generators' output
  • The detection of stator and rotor winding short circuits in synchronous generators by analysing excitation current harmonics
  • Experience with VRLA cells
  • Synchronous or induction generators? The choice for small scale generation
  • Off-line UPS system with optimum utilization of power elements
  • Synchronous machine parameters, their influence on the a.c. voltage distortion of isolated systems
  • A solid-state synchronous voltage source with low harmonic distortion
  • Fuel purchase for mixed fuel generators
  • Integration of wind turbines on weak rural networks
  • Embedded mini-hydro generation in the water supply industry
  • An advanced ELG for control of small scale hydroelectric generation
  • Studies on high performance inverter generation system of microhydraulic water turbine
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