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10th International Conference on European Frequency and Time

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  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Conference date: 5-7 March 1996
  • ISBN: 0 85296 661 X
  • Conference number: CP418
  • The following topics were dealt with: resonators; classical frequency standards; new atomic frequency standards; laser references and stabilisation; dielectric resonators; space time comparison; materials; fundamentals and measurement; sensors; SAW; F/T transfer; oscillators; time scales and dissemination

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  • Pulsars as clocks
  • Influence of the ionospheric delays on the subnanosecond accuracy of Ku-band two-way satellite time and frequency transfer
  • GPS disciplined rubidium oscillator
  • Frequency jumps on BVA and other precision quartz crystal resonators and burst-noise on overtone mode high-frequency quartz crystal resonators
  • Quartz crystal units with bar piezoelements vibrating in double-shear mode
  • Theoretical and experimental investigations of frequency transient process caused in crystal plates under local heating
  • Influence of loss on the critical frequencies of ceramic resonators
  • Electromagnetic and mechanical behaviours of whispering gallery mode resonators
  • Poisson's ratio for piezoceramics
  • Contribution to the design of the wave filters composed from the elastically coupled two resonators structure
  • Thermoluminescence of swept and doped irradiated quartz crystals
  • Characteristics of high frequency fundamental rectangular quartz crystal resonators
  • Temperature dependence of SH-APM delay-lines on quartz: design rules for (bio)chemical sensors
  • Influence of quartz crystal origin on ferrobielastic twinning observed by X-ray topography
  • SAW resonators frequency trimming by plasma etching
  • Parasitic bulk waves in wide band SAW filters designed on 128° rotated Y-cut of LiNbO3
  • An analysis of BAW to STW mutual transformation arising from periodic corrugation on the surface of a reciprocal coupler
  • Sensitivity of inductances to magnetic fields
  • High-precision IC quartz oscillator
  • Effects of crystal mount resonance, under random vibration, on the close to carrier phase noise
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