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1st International Conference on Genetic Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Innovations and Applications (GALESIA)

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  • Location: Sheffield, UK
  • Conference date: 12-14 Sept. 1995
  • Conference number: CP414
  • The following topics were dealt with: aerospace and automotive applications; optimization; genetic algorithms in engineering systems; scheduling; system identification; applications in the electricity industry; control systems desing; genetic algorithms and neural networks; filter design; intelligent machines and robotics; signal processing; mathematical techniques and analysis; applications in the water industry; applications in manufacturing; genetic programming; parallel genetic algorithms; and fault detection

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  • The evolutionary optimisation of shaped and minimum sidelobe radiation patterns for synthetic aperture radars
  • Genetic algorithms applied to a power system stabiliser
  • Genetic algorithm optimisation and scheduling for building heating systems
  • Shape representation for optimisation
  • Charley: a genetic algorithm for the design of mesh networks
  • An evolutionary algorithm for collision free motion planning of multi-arm robots
  • Use of fuzzy logic to overcome constant problems in genetic algorithms
  • The design of active sonar plot-association gates using a genetic algorithm
  • Genetic algorithms and statistical methods: a comparison
  • Genetic auto-tuning of PID controllers
  • A genetic algorithm with multi-step crossover for job-shop scheduling problems
  • Multiprocessor scheduling using a problem-space genetic algorithm
  • Task-processor mapping for real-time parallel systems using genetic algorithms with hardware-in-the-loop
  • System identification and linearisation using genetic algorithms with simulated annealing
  • Chaotic system identification via genetic algorithm
  • Adaptive active vibration control using genetic algorithms
  • The application of genetic algorithms to optimising the design of an engine block for low noise
  • Handling constrained power dispatch with genetic algorithms
  • MultipIe genetic algorithm processor for the economic power dispatch problem
  • A genetic based fuzzy approach to optimisation of electrical distribution networks
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