International Broadcasting Conference IBC '95

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  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 14-18 Sept. 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 644 X
  • Conference number: CP413
  • The following topics were dealt with: measurement and signal quality; RF technology; DAB technology and markets; digital terrestrial TV in Europe; bit rate reduction for audio and video; digital satellite cable and MMDS TV in Europe; desk top production for TV and radio; broadband networks, B-ISDN, ATM and the consumer; station automation; super-highways and full science networks; economics and marketing; interactive services and multimedia; commercial introduction services for digital TV and radio services; digital signal routing and distribution; future trends in disc and tape recording; satellite broadcasting; studio production techniques; satellite distribution

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  • Noise evaluation of emerging television systems
  • Differential amplitude phase shift keying (DAPSK) - a new modulation method for DTVB
  • The development of an upgraded SPECTRE modem for UK based field trials and tests
  • A migration path from multi-program MPEG-2 to HDTV
  • CD3-OFDM: a new channel estimation method to improve the spectrum efficiency in digital terrestrial television systems
  • Dial-up audio for outside broadcasts and remote events
  • Picture quality issues in digital video compression
  • MPEG Audio Layer II. A generic coding standard for two and multichannel sound for DVB, DAB and computer multimedia
  • Loudness uniformity and dynamic range control for digital multichannel audio broadcasting
  • The effect of low bit-rate coding upon impaired audio material
  • Audio coding for TV and multimedia
  • Commonalities and peculiarities of DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-SMATV systems (COMM's and PEC's of DVB systems)
  • Building direct-to-home television and entertainment networks for Europe using the new digital video broadcast standards
  • Design and performance of a variable-rate QAM modem for digital cable television
  • CA-TV goes digital. Results from DVB-experiments in Dutch CATV-systems
  • Transmission of digital signals over MMDS
  • Patterns for all formats
  • A flexible and modular approach for transmission of digital TV and for interactive services
  • A digital audio production system
  • Desktop video post-production: the reality of its use in the UK. An analysis of the expansion in use of desktop video post-production in the UK, across the broadcast and corporate video sectors
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