Seventh International Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives

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  • Location: Durham, UK
  • Conference date: 11-13 Sept. 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 648 2
  • Conference number: CP412
  • The following topics were dealt with: electric vehicle drives; induction machines; DC machines; analysis and simulation; condition monitoring; special machines; reluctance machines; synchronous machines; induction motor drives; linear machines; synchronous generators; brushless DC machines; permanent magnet machines; wind power generators; thermal effects, noise and vibration

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  • Axial flux electromagnetic differential induction motor
  • The calculation of equaliser currents in a 4.1 MW lap wound DC machine using finite element analysis
  • Slotless-armature DC drives for surface warship propulsion
  • A new simplified thermal model for induction motors for EVs applications
  • History and development of non-intrusive electrical testing and assessment of DC traction motor armature condition and reliability during overhaul
  • Determination of operational parameters of electrical machines using evolutionary programming
  • Finite element modelling of laminated structures in electrical machines
  • External circuit, movement, and periodicity considerations in the design of electrical machines using finite elements
  • The theoretical investigations and mathematical models of the compulsators
  • Induction motors mechanical failure: influence of the converter on torque pulsation
  • Diagnostic characteristics of axial flux in an induction machine
  • Acoustic evaluation of faults in electrical machines
  • Combined effects of static and dynamic eccentricity on airgap flux waves and the application of current monitoring to detect dynamic eccentricity in 3-phase induction motors
  • The current analysis program - a software tool for rotor fault detection in three phase induction motors
  • Design considerations for induction machines for electric vehicle drives
  • Slot discharge signal patterns in high voltage machines
  • A DSP based scheme for the on-line monitoring of performance and parameter determination of three phase induction motors
  • The application of expert systems to fault diagnosis in alternators
  • Detection of faults in induction motors using artificial neural networks
  • Computerised fault diagnosis of induction motor drives
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