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Fifth International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 4-6 July 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 642 3
  • Conference number: CP410
  • The following topics were dealt with: image coding; labelling and classification; medical applications; motion; stereo and 3D images; image analysis; image interpretation; communications; shape description and recognition; image processing applications; architectures; image segmentation; neural networks; industrial inspection; filtering and morphology; image texture and colour; transport, security and remote sensing

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  • Image interpretation: exploiting multiple cues
  • On the use of local and scalable Fourier transforms, fractal dimension information, and texture segmentation
  • “True” three dimensional image labeling: semantic graph and arc consistency
  • Stretching the brain to fit: a step towards automatically segmenting, orienting and registering SPECT brain images
  • Biologically inspired image processing
  • Multiple energy function active contours applied to CT and MR images
  • Computer vision applied to the detection and localisation of acoustic neuromas from head MR images
  • Cortical sulci model and matching from 3D brain magnetic resonance images
  • Area identification of bone marrow smears using radial-basis function networks and the HSI colour model
  • Dynamic boundary location for 2D echocardiographic images in a semi-automated environment
  • Automatic detection of calcification in mammograms
  • Interactive support for evaluation of visual motor integration using geometric figure copying tasks
  • On the possibility of objective identification of human vertebrae through pattern recognition algorithms
  • Dense depth maps from motion using dynamic data fusion
  • Spatiotemporal multiresolution associated to MRF modelling for motion detection
  • Interframe image sequence coding using overlapped motion estimation and wavelet lattice quantisation
  • A spatial-temporal approach for segmentation of moving and static objects in sector scan sonar image sequences
  • Robust displacement vector estimation including a statistical error analysis
  • Centre-frequency adaptive IIR temporal filters for phase-based image velocity estimation
  • A stereo disparity algorithm for 3D model construction
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