4th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks

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  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Conference date: 26-28 June 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 641 5
  • Conference number: CP409
  • The following topics were dealt with: neural network architectures and algorithms; image processing applications; neural network theory; validation and verification; robotics and neurocontrol; signal processing; neural network applications; medical applications; and hardware implementation

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  • Speaker identification using modular recurrent neural networks
  • Invariant object recognition with a neurobiological slant
  • Hierachical learning of visual invariances via spatio temporal constraints
  • A neural network approach to cloud classification from multi-temporal satellite imagery
  • Towards intentional neural systems: experiments with MAGNUS
  • Modelling the visual cortex using artificial neural networks for visual image reconstruction
  • Text-independent speaker recognition using neural network techniques
  • High performance OCR with syntactic neural networks
  • Applications of linear weight neural networks to fingerprint recognition
  • Application of linear weight neural networks to recognition of hand print characters
  • Probabilistic Fuzzy ARTMAP: an autonomous neural network architecture for Bayesian probability estimation
  • Multi-sigmoidal neural networks and back-propagation
  • On the relationship between Bayesian error bars and the input data density
  • Relaxation labeling networks that solve the maximum clique problem
  • Two Bayesian treatments of the n-tuple recognition method
  • Modelling conditional probability distributions for periodic variables
  • A generalization process for weightless neurons
  • On the intractability of loading pyramidal architectures
  • Real time speech processing to eliminate slamdowns in digital voice systems
  • Using self organising feature maps for feature selection in supervised neural networks
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