Ninth International Conference on Antennas and Propagation (ICAP)

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  • Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 4-7 April 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 637 7
  • Conference number: CP407
  • The following topics were dealt with: antenna phased arrays; TLM analysis; mobile measurements; microstrip antennas; antenna measurements; Olympus results; finite difference time domain methods; array optimisation; building and vegetation scatter; ionospheric propagation; reflector antennas; personal communication antennas; rain effects on Earth-space paths; ionosphere measurements; smart antennas; active antennas; shaped reflectors; tropospheric propagation; feeds; millimetre wave propagation; propagation aspects of frequency planning; method of moments; radar and radio meteorology; vehicle antennas; radomes and absorbers; propagation simulation; broadband and HF antennas; adoptive antennas; loops and helical antennas; ray tracing techniques; frequency selective surfaces; satellite mobile communication

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  • Fiber-type optical phased array antenna - two dimensional beam steering and coherent power combining
  • Tracking antenna with a partially corrugated reflector
  • Pattern shaping for handset antennas
  • Handset antennas for personal communications
  • A very small double C-patch antenna contained in a PCMCIA standard PC card
  • Frequency characteristics of artificially soft and hard surfaces using conducting strips on a grounded dielectric and magnetic slab
  • Antennas for digital radio broadcast
  • Capacity and service extension for future wireless networks using adaptive antennas
  • Smart antenna solutions for mobile radio systems
  • Adaptive antennas for third generation DS-CDMA cellular systems
  • Dual, reflector feed system for a compact antenna test range
  • The measurement of moderate size reflector antennas using astronomical calibrators
  • Phaseless metrology of Earth station antennas from satellite borne sources
  • Determining pattern measurement errors in a compact antenna test range
  • An estimation of some parameters of near field antenna measurements by using of transient characteristics
  • TLM analysis of tapered slot antennas
  • Active polarization-agile microstrip patch antennas
  • Adaptive feedback frequency tuning for microstrip patch antennas
  • CPW fed active loop antenna for television receiver
  • Nonlinear modelling of 1 watt active patch antenna
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