Second International Conference on the Reliability of Transmission and Distribution Equipment

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  • Location: Coventry, UK
  • Conference date: 29-31 March 1995
  • ISBN: 0 85296 628 8
  • Conference number: CP406
  • The following topics were dealt with: reliability diagnosis and plant failure statistics; design for reliability; condition monitoring; control and protection for improved reliability; distribution system reliability; replacement policies and worth assessment; risk analysis

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  • Concepts of data for assessing the reliability of transmission and distribution equipment
  • Thermal capability assessment for transformers
  • Condition monitoring applied to power transformers - an REC view
  • Neural network based techniques for distribution line condition monitoring
  • Co-ordinated protection and control upgrades substation reliability
  • The improvement of customer service by system automation
  • Transmission equipment reliability using the Canadian Electrical Association information system
  • Reliability design approach for protection and control equipment for MV distribution networks
  • System reliability improvement - an Australian experience
  • Ranking of design criteria to improve rural network performance
  • Reliability aspects in operational structuring of large-scale urban distribution systems
  • Prioritising supply infrastructure works using statistically based analyses
  • Reliability worth in distribution plant replacement programmes
  • Risk based design of distribution line structure
  • Simulation-aided short circuit risk evaluation for circuit breakers in HV substations
  • An integrated approach to reliability assessment, maintenance and life cycle costs in the National Grid Company
  • Application of RCM to high voltage substations
  • Determination of data for reliability analysis of a transmission system
  • Experience with the use of RCM in a transmission maintenance environment
  • Reliability and maintenance practices for Australian and New Zealand HV transmission lines
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