International Conference on Storage and Recording Systems

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  • Location: Keele, UK
  • Conference date: 5-7 April 1994
  • ISBN: 0 85296 630 X
  • Conference number: CP402
  • The following topics were dealt with: broadcast and systems; audio, video and data compression; media heads and recording; mass storage; multimedia

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  • A transparent recording method of ATV data with shuttle mode capability on consumer digital VCR
  • Development of a very high performance data recorder
  • Quarter-inch tape drives: leading the pack for secondary storage
  • Multimedia: the marketplace potential
  • Network based video storage for retrieval over the ISDN
  • From hypertext mathematics to multimedia interactivity
  • An overview of optical disk standards
  • Magneto-optic media
  • Scalable storage servers for digital audio and video
  • The future of digital video recorders
  • Data reduction for high quality digital audio storage and transmission
  • Recording image data compressed signals on magnetic media
  • Evaluation of feedforward vs. feedback video coding for digital video recording
  • Applications of digital compression to optical and magnetic recording
  • Speech compression for audio description on television
  • Recording compressed digital video pictures
  • The digital recording properties of thick, thin and multilayered media
  • Channel investigations of a helical-scan digital video recorder at normal and trick-mode playback
  • Some characteristics of VHS tapes used in digital recording
  • A slope model for nonsaturated magnetic layers
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