Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Power Electronics and Variable-Speed Drives

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 26-28 Oct. 1994
  • Conference number: CP399
  • The following topics were dealt with: reluctance motor drives; insulated gate bipolar transistors; vector control; control methods; AC-AC static power conversion; control in power electronic systems; sinusoidal converters for AC drives; resonant conversion techniques; supply harmonics; high power GTO and applications; supply power factor; cycloconvertors; invertors; power semiconductor devices; AC drives measurement and performance improvement; soft switching PWM DC-DC convertors; permanent magnet synchronous drives; advanced devices and simulation; drives applications; AC-DC static power conversion; DC-DC static power conversion; electric vehicles

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  • A switched reluctance drive for marine propulsion
  • A brushless DC motor speed control system using fuzzy rules
  • The use of the bi-orthogonal decomposition in a non-linear controller for electrical drives
  • Fuzzy control of AC drives
  • The application of self-tuning digital controllers in variable-speed drives
  • An integrated five-phase switched reluctance motor drive
  • A sensorless method for determining rotor position for switched reluctance motors
  • Measurement of flux linkage in the hybrid stepping motor drive
  • A new method of flux or inductance measurement for switched reluctance motors
  • A linear high anisotropy reluctance servo drive
  • Analytical study and numerical simulation of the static and dynamic performances of combined shunt passive and series active filters
  • Design of a 100 MVAr IGBT resonant converter
  • Use of SPICE simulation for predicting the harmonic capability regulator technique based on a bipolar transistor array
  • Survey of power quality in high-rise air-conditioned buildings
  • Decrease of inductance and electromagnetic interference in power electronics capacitors
  • Influence of the load characteristics and the line impedance on the stability of an active power filter
  • Vector control of a synchronous reluctance motor utilising an axially laminated rotor
  • Analysis and design of switched-mode AC/AC voltage regulator with series connected compensation
  • A 2D semi-analytical method for the calculation of eddy current losses in transformer and inductance coils
  • A simple model for core losses and magnetic saturation in induction machines adapted for direct stator flux orientation control
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