Second International Conference on `Intelligent Systems Engineering'

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  • Location: Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
  • Conference date: 5-9 Sept. 1994
  • ISBN: 0 85296 621 0
  • Conference number: CP395
  • The following topics were dealt with: qualitative modelling; quantitative modelling; learning and identification; artificial neural network theory; classification by neural networks; control by neural networks; temporal reasoning; fuzzy control design; qualitative feedback control; fuzzy control applications; model-based diagnosis; mobile robots and vehicles; intelligent robot control; intelligent systems architectures; intelligent production planning and scheduling; process monitoring and supervision; and intelligent systems in mechanical engineering

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  • Problems and progress in intelligent systems control
  • Dynamic learning of decision trees to acquire knowledge for the diagnosis of dynamic systems
  • Non-minimum phase plants in iterative learning control
  • Relative degree of recurrent neural networks
  • Condensed knowledge representation in BP-networks
  • HLM algorithm-extension to pattern recognition
  • An intelligent gas sensor system for the identification of hazardous airborne compounds using an array of semiconductor gas sensors and Kohonen feature map neural networks
  • Classification of geophysical features with CALM neural networks
  • A layered information processing model for neural classification modules
  • Neural quality inspection in industrial compact disc print stations
  • The design process for conventional and neural controllers - a case study
  • Generation of optimal routes in a neural network based AGV controller
  • A cooperating intelligent control system based on expert systems and neural networks
  • Arc welding seam tracking system based on artificial neural networks
  • A CLP framework for time-related reasoning in industrial applications
  • Optimizing constraints for speed: benchmarking temporal logic
  • The event calculus at work: a case study in the medical domain
  • A systematic approach to perform inference and defuzzification in fuzzy logic controllers
  • Decomposition analysis of fuzzy control systems with application to power systems
  • Fuzzy control and signal location for a satellite antenna
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