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Sixth International Conference on `HF Radio Systems and Techniques'

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  • Location: York, UK
  • Conference date: 4-7 July 1994
  • ISBN: 0 85296 616 4
  • Conference number: CP392
  • The following topics were dealt with: channel estimation; transmitters and receivers; propagation, noise and interference; signal design; signal processing; antennas and couplers; ECCM systems and techniques; HF radar; system design control and management; meteor burst communications and multiple mechanism propagation

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  • The last quarter century of ionospheric study and prospects for the future
  • Calibrated GPS ionospheric receiver measurements applied to HF communication and surveillance missions
  • Measurements of, and propagation models for the wide-band HF channel
  • Channel estimators in time varying multipath environments
  • Weighted spectral width of ionospherically dispersed chirp pulses
  • Observations of Doppler spreading and FSK signalling errors on HF signals propagating over a high latitude path
  • HF skywave elevation angle measurements as a diagnostic tool
  • Signal-to-noise ratio and aural assessment of broadcast reception quality
  • Interference and SWF effects on HF skywave communications reliability
  • HF signal amplitude distributions and total spectrum power measurements
  • Recent work on the measurement and analysis of spectral occupancy at HF
  • Measurements and statistical modelling of spectrum occupancy
  • Measurements of extensive HF industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) interference far removed from the ITU allocated bands
  • High speed serial data modem with modified Viterbi decoders
  • Signal-to-noise ratio measurement employing trellis decoders
  • A high-speed modem with built-in HF noise tolerance
  • In-band multi-user transmission schemes for HF communications
  • A high-speed HF parallel-tone modem
  • Improving automatic link establishment through a new soft decision trellis decoder for the (24,12) Golay code
  • Preliminary results on performance evaluation of concatenated coding schemes over Rayleigh fading ionospheric channels
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