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International Conference on Control '94

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  • Location: Coventry, UK
  • Conference date: 21-24 March 1994
  • ISBN: 0 85296 610 5
  • Conference number: CP389
  • The following topics were dealt with: computer-aided control system design; biomedical control; transport systems; neural networks; AI technologies and power system control; mechanical automotive control systems; robust control design; process control; fuzzy control; identification; engine and suspension control systems; industrial applications; optimisation and numerical methods; education and training; robotics; learning control systems; signal processing; genetic algorithms; self tuning and adaptive control; CIM; nonlinear systems; environmental systems; multiprocessing; simulation; parallel processing and techniques; measurement and instrumentation; parallel algorithms for control; aerospace; fault detection and diagnosis; manufacturing systems; online estimation, and marine and offshore control

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  • Simulation tool-abstractions based on the neutral dynamics-model description format Dsblock
  • Towards a stability and approximation theory for neuro-controllers
  • Distributed control at multi-axis robot systems using local operating networks
  • Collision free motion planning for two robots operating in a common workspace
  • Model-based predictive controller
  • Numerical robustness and efficiency of generalized predictive control algorithms with guaranteed stability
  • A subsystem design approach to continuous-time input-output performance of decentralized multirate sampled-data systems
  • Adaptive control based on special compensation methods for ill-modelled time-varying plants
  • Decentralised adaptive control of flexible joint robots
  • Fast diagonal recurrent neural networks for indentification and control of non-linear systems
  • Adaptive compensation of torque disturbances and beyond
  • On-line control of dissolved oxygen concentration using an automatic tuning PID controller
  • Relay feedback of multivariable systems and its use for auto-tuning of multi-loop PI controllers
  • Validation of an analytical model to describe the dynamic of the volume of the yeast cell submitted to an osmotic pressure shock
  • Multi-rate adaptive inferential control
  • Artificial neural network based control of electromechanical systems
  • Using expert systems for on-line data qualification and state variable estimation for an industrial fermentation process
  • An expert system managed multi-controller
  • Object-based recognition viewed as a feedback control process
  • Rule-based adaptive control in a servomotor control system
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