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7th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP 2016)

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  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Conference date: 23-25 Nov. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-400-2
  • Conference number: 2016/0006
  • The following topics are dealt with: crime prevention; similarity measure; striated toolmarks; convolutional neural networks; anomaly event detection; spatio-temporal motion patterns; crime scene analysis; attack detection; autonomous entrance system; optical flow; RGB-D sensors; color cues; bilocal region based iris segmentation frameworks; less-constrained visible wavelength images; real-time video analytics; petty crime detection; soft biometrics; CCTV videos; multi-object tracking; data association; similarity identification model; robust real-time traffic monitoring; corners motion statistics; fingerprint recognition; facial spoofing database; processed image attacks; disguised face identification; multi-modal features; quaternionic form; sensor level spoof attacks; joint encoding; user identification; nondeformable video objects; action recognition; sparse trajectories; image quality; forensic usage; city surveillance; smuggled high-risk security threats; deep learning; feature descriptors; object detection; X-ray baggage security screening; intelligent video systems; video sensors; automated video surveillance; violent behaviour detection; local trajectory response; depth contours; robust real-time stereo vision; facial skin regions; identity information; hand-based behavioural biometrics database; person reidentification; and omnidirectional cameras.

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  • Learning a Similarity Measure for Striated Toolmarks using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Action Recognition From Videos using Sparse Trajectories
  • Automated detection of smuggled high-risk security threats using Deep Learning
  • On using Feature Descriptors as Visual Words for Object Detection within X-ray Baggage Security Screening
  • Automated video surveillance for preventing suicide attempts
  • Violent behaviour detection using local trajectory response
  • Analysing Depth Contours for Robust Real-Time Stereo Vision
  • Exploring the Potential of Facial Skin Regions for the Provision of Identity Information
  • A new Brazilian hand-based behavioural biometrics database: Data collection and analysis
  • Person reidentification using omnidirectional cameras
  • Attack Detection in an Autonomous Entrance System using Optical Flow
  • On-line normality modelling and anomaly event detection using spatio-temporal motion patterns
  • Using RGB-D Sensors for the Detection of Abandoned Luggage
  • Exploiting color cues to improve person re-identification
  • Bi-Local Region Based Iris Segmentation Framework for Less-Constrained Visible Wavelength Images
  • Real-time video analytics for petty crime detection
  • Soft biometrics in low resolution and low quality CCTV videos
  • Multi-Object Tracking with Data Association by a Similarity Identification Model
  • Robust Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Using Corners Motion Statistics
  • Detecting acceleration for gait and crime scene analysis
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