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6th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Prevention and Detection (ICDP-15)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 15-17 July 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-131-5
  • Conference number: 2015/0005

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  • Privacy Preserving Video Surveillance Infrastructure with Particular Regard to Modular Video Analytics
  • Multisensor Concealed Weapon Detection Using the Image Fusion Approach
  • CNN-based Multi-band Fused Boundary Detection for Remotely Sensed Images
  • Retrieval of Distinctive Regions of Interest from Video Surveillance Footage: A Real Use Case Study
  • Automated Image Splicing Detection from Noise Estimation in Raw Images
  • Exploring emotion prediction from biometric-based keystroke dynamics data using multiagent systems
  • Recommendation techniques in forensic data analysis: a new approach
  • Matrix Problems to Generate Mosaic-Based CAPTCHAs
  • Low Bit Depth Images for Small & Micro-Scale UAVs
  • A user-centric approach for event-driven summarization of surveillance videos
  • Automatic speech recognition enhancement using adaptive GMM estimation
  • Multimodal 2D-3D Face Recognition Using Structural Context and Pyramidal Shape Index
  • Viewing angle Effect on Gait Recognition Using Joint Kinematics
  • On the impurity of street-scene video footage
  • Soft Biometric Recognition From Comparative Crowdsourced Annotations
  • Crowd Anomaly Detection for Automated Video Surveillance
  • Action Recognition in Surveillance Videos Using Semantic Web Rules
  • A Local Feature based on Lagrangian Measures for Violent Video Classification
  • Stochastic Decomposition into Low Rank and Sparse Tensor for Robust Background Subtraction
  • F1 Score Assesment of Gaussian Mixture Background Subtraction Algorithms Using the MuHAVi Dataset
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