6th Chilean Conference on Pattern Recognition (CCPR)

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  • Location: Talca, Chile
  • Conference date: 10-14 Nov. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-081-3
  • Conference number: 2014/0004

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  • Indirect 4D nonlocal means
  • Affinity prediction in online social networks
  • Combining environmental information from multiple and disparate data sources for minimum temperature prediction
  • Geometrical constraints to improve elongated structures segmentation applied to actin filaments
  • Dealing with DGGE images by using ant colony systems and fuzzy logic
  • Thermal face recognition over time using sparse representation approach
  • Morphological skeleton traversal algorithm for person recognition based on handwritten stroke analysis
  • Automatic segmentation of the short association fibers of the fronto-parietal and insula brain regions
  • Study of Visible Face Recognition Methods Applied to Infrared Spectrum
  • Clustering of short association white matter fibers calculated from diffusion MRI
  • New ACO algorithm for image edge detection
  • Evaluation of background subtraction algorithms using MuHAVi, a multicamera human action video dataset
  • New Version of Davies-Bouldin index for clustering validation based on hyper rectangles
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