National Doctoral Academic Forum on Information and Communications Technology 2013

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 21-23 Aug. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-819-6
  • Conference number: 2013/006
  • The following topics are dealt with: optical interconnect networks; mobile Internet; cognitive femtocell networks; cloud computing; mobile agent routing; radar clutter; protocol; relay network; P2P networks; underwater acoustic communication networks; multihop wireless networks; cognitive radio ad hoc networks and broadband multimedia satellite communications.

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  • Secure cloud storage management method based on time stamp authority
  • Modeling and analysis on mobile-to-mobile cascade channel of amplify-and-forward two-way relay networks
  • Block data transfer protocol for communication over high-speed long-distance networks
  • Alleviating cross-layer conflict between overlay routing and traffic engineering
  • On the research of optoelectronic mixing under nonlinear effect of avalanche photodiodes
  • Conflict-free MAC protocol for regional underwater observation networks
  • PZMLIR: Pseudo-Zernike Moments and LSH-based Image Retrieval in P2P datacenter
  • Topology-aware virtual network embedding through the degree
  • Hybrid field physical layer network coding in multi-user relay network
  • Transmission Capacity Anticipation in Locality-aware Structured P2P Networks
  • A distance aware protocol for underwater acoustic communication networks
  • Experimental demonstration of latency-aware software defined networking for openflow-based intra-datacenter optical interconnect networks
  • Design of auto-running of DBE in deep space TT&C station
  • On-board processing adaptive coding and modulation for regenerative satellite systems
  • Relaying SLT codes based on feedback for communication over multi-hop wireless networks
  • Multi-path Interests Routing Scheme for Multi-path Data Transfer in Content Centric Networking
  • A novel metric for cache size allocation scheme in content centric networking
  • Polar coded modulation with optimal constellation labeling
  • Robust secure transmission for Gaussian MISO wiretap channels with imperfect CSI
  • A novel multi-relay selection and power allocation scheme for cooperation in cognitive radio ad hoc networks based on principle-agent game
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